Why we must Oppose the Sky Bus in Pune

The PMC spent 30 lacs on a feasibility study of the Sky Metro in Pune. One needs to ask why this study was commissioned without keeping the following in mind –

1. The cost of building the Sky Bus Metro is Rs. 50 Crores per kilometre.
2. Pune population travels in all directions. Unlike Mumbai, Pune does not have well established corridors such as the Western or Central railways.

The total cost of Sky Bus in Pune is 3960.3 crores.

Agriculture College to Chinchwad (15km) = 681 Crores
Sambhaji Bridge to Warje (9.4 km) = 423 Crores
Sambhaji Bridge to Hadapsar (11.7km) = 535.6 Crores
Wakdewadi to Lonikand (24km) = 1085.5 Crores
Chaphekar Memorial, Chinchwad to Agriculture College (17.2km) = 775.3 Crores
Pataleshwar Temple to Katraj (10.1km) = 459.9 Crores

This is astonishing given that Pune Municipal Corporations Budget for 2004-05 was 951 Crores.

In contrast Pune Traffic and Transportation Forum have suggested that PMT should be buying about 1000 buses over the next 2-3 years. PMT also needs additional depots. Right now buses are parked on the streets and lead to thefts of parts. Also buses cannot be washed or maintained under current inadequate circumstances. PMT have land for 6 depots but need to acquire land for an additional 6 depots. The proposal will cost only 270 Crores as described below –

20 lacs/bus (new low floor) = 200 Crores for1000 buses.

4 Crores/depot = 50 Crores for depots.

20 Crores = upgrades and a much needed training centre.

The above facts demonstrate why grandiose projects like the Sky Metro (an elevated rail network) proposed for Pune will be an absolute waste of tax-payers money.

For 10th of the cost of proposed sky bus we could get a modern state of the art bus based public transport system.

We should be asking the PMC why on earth they are considering the sky-bus.

Dr Joglekar

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